Sci-FI Web Series ‘Reality On Demand’ Announces Cast, Moves Into Production

We were sent this press release by our good friend over at Sci-Pulse Ian who is involved with upcoming science fiction web series Reality On Demand. The team have now started principal photography on the web series and have even had the time to design themselves a new website

The project sounds intriguing and we wish Ian and the rest of the ‘Reality On Demand team’ all the best with the project.


Production Website:

Cast Announcement Video:

First Teaser Video:–qBnTkBEs&hd=1


Evansville, IN – The fast growing collection of online original series and movies is about to grow a little more with the addition of a new series filming in the Midwest. The new science fiction web series REALITY ON DEMAND has announced its cast and released a short video introducing the world to some of the cast. A mix of experienced actors with relative unknowns will help bring to life this new independent TV series that follows four strangers trapped in an advanced virtual reality game world composed of their favorite TV shows and movies.


“We are proud to announce the talented cast we’ve selected. Some may be familiar to those who follow indie filmmaking in Indiana and Kentucky, but soon the whole world will get to know these talented actors and the characters they portray,” said series creators Marx Hernandez Pyle.


Reality On Demand follows four strangers who playtest a highly advanced virtual reality game that puts them into their favorite TV shows and movies. But when they become trapped, a fun adventure takes a dangerous turn where cancellation means death. Pyle first announced the series on his popular column, The IndieNet and Beyond on the website ScifiPulse.


Reality On Demand has action, laughs, special effects, and zombies. And everyone knows you can’t have a web series without zombies,” said Pyle tongue-in-cheek. “But if there is one thing I’ve learned with all of my interviews with web series creators is that you have to have a talented cast to bring a good script to life. I’m very happy with the talent we’ve found.”


Julie Hernandez Seaton (Daylight) stars as Courtney Thompson, a struggling writer with a secret. Seth Cheek (Silence of the Belle, Bloomington) stars as Nick Jacobs, an uber-geek computer programmer that is obsessed with TV and movies. Kathlin Finn (Reality) stars as Kelli Hartz, a wannabe celebrity that is looking for her big break. And Aric Dylon Stanish (Silence of the Belle) stars as Trevor Clay, a marine veteran that is focused on winning.


Experienced actor Christopher P. Tyner stars as the Reality On Demand host, Aiden Kingston. Indianapolis actor and filmmaker Jim Dougherty (Leach, Fire From Below) stars as Robby, a TV character that’s a monster hunter who helps the trapped playtesters. And actor Louie Lawless, who has acted in over 100 films, stars as the villain Pastor Jim.


Actors Grant Niezgodski, Benjamin Crockett, Sidney Shripka, and many others portray fictional characters in the game. Many will recognize the characters that inspired them.


“We have nods to many shows in the series. I don’t want to give away too much, but if you are a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural then you’ll want to check out season one. But there are nods to many more shows than just those two,” hinted Pyle. “I’ve been interviewing web series creators since 2007 and have seen the amazing growth in what many call independent television. I’m excited to finally develop one.”


Vancouver Film School graduate Marx Pyle has also also gathered together talent for behind the camera with graduates from New York Film Academy, Full Sail University, Ivy Tech and University of Evansville.


Alien Jungle Bug Productions, LLC was founded by Marx H. Pyle in 2010 to create the short film SILENCE OF THE BELLE. Alien Jungle Bug is all about thinking outside the box, with high quality imaginative projects often made on a limited budget. We are not limited by any genre or medium of storytelling, be it feature film, short film, documentary, or web series.


Marx H. Pyle: After attaining degrees in Psychology and Computer Information Systems, Marx decided to pursue a dream he had since childhood – filmmaking. Leaving his home in Evansville, Indiana, Marx went to Vancouver Film School in Vancouver, British Columbia to study film production.

While in Vancouver, Marx interviewed Damian Kindler about, the then web series, Sanctuary. Kindler’s excitement of the future of web series inspired Marx to go home that evening and write outlines for three pilots meant to be web series. Reality On Demand is one of those three.




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