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With the renamed SCI-FI WEEKENDER only days away on the 28th February those good folk at CHIC have finally released a schedule and I have to say from what I can see it looks like there is tons to choose from.

There is a lot of pressure for CHIC to deliver this year as it is now going solo from what it used to be but it has a some good new friends to make sure it is a success.

As with all things there have been some changes to the line up but this has been the case every single year. With the new size of the venue we seem to be getting a lot of new sectors which are as follows:

Main Void. This will be the main stage for Q and A’s and also the dance floor at night.

Sci Fi London Arena/Screening Zone. Here you will find am excellent selection of films to watch throughout the weekend.

Spaceport. In here you will find another stage for Q and A’s but also Trader Zone, a bar, Comic Zone (or as it is now known The Strip Club… I kid you not) and the Gaming Zone.

Signing area. As the name suggest here you will find some of the talent attending the event signing for your pleasure.

Mash N Barrel. The main drinking venue that will be a key focus for the Thursday night early birds.

So as you can see a lot to do and when you take a look at the schedule you will have a better idea for the various panels.

There’s a dedicated Author Zone, where fans can enjoy and interact with a broad spectrum of panels featuring more authors than we’ve ever had before, covering subject matter from all sides of the Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror genres. Whilst we’ve always slotted a few of these into the Screening Zone in the past, we felt this year that fans of the ‘written word’ deserved something with a bigger spotlight and a lot bigger room.

This year we will have a dedicated Comic Zone, also known (in a very tongue-in-cheek way) as the Strip Club. The schedule for this full on comic experience will be available at the weekend on arrival.

As you may already know, our friends at SCI-FI-LONDON will be providing the full content for the Screening Zone, and this year we’ll have almost twice as much for you to watch. They’ll also be hosting the Thursday night mini quiz, which should wet your appetites for the SCI-FI-LONDON MEGA QUIZ on Saturday night, with a top prize of VIP accommodation and passes for up to 8 people for the 2014 event.

SCI-FI-LONDON will also be providing some classics for the onsite TV channel, which you can find in your accommodation if you are staying on site.

For any theatre fans out there, there’s a full length version of the stage adaptation of the cult sci-fi classic V for Vendetta, which received fabulous reviews during its recent stint in Manchester.

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Sunday 2

Don’t forget to come and find the Geek Syndicate team who will be attending in force throughout the weekend.

Source: SFW

Reporter: Montoya


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