Science says, “It Sucks to be Batman”

injury-figure_1-600x776I’m sure most every little boy has wanted to be Batman, minus the whole dead parents thing of course, but it seems science is saying being Batman wouldn’t be all that fun.

Neuroscientist and kinesiologist Paul Zehr literally wrote a book on what it would be take to be Batman. His conclusion: no one could be Batman for very long. Even after they would be done being Batman, they would still feel the effects for the rest of their lives. While you wouldn’t get your back broken by Bane everyday, you would get into fights pretty much every day, and constant small stress is just as bad or worse than random large stresses on your body.

Being Batman was likened to being a football player, who have average careers of 3-5 years and feel the strain of their seasons long after they’ve retired. So, next time you want to be Batman, decide whether a lifetime of painful nights is worth being the Dark Knight.


Source: Boing Boing

Reporter: Leo Johnson

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  1. So at least the 8 year Batman retirement is scientifically sound. Now let’s see someone explain how to snap a spine back into place.

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