Scrolls Chapter 12, Part 1: Author Interviews

Have aspirations of Starting Out as writer?  Want to hear the experiences of veterans and newly established authors?  Look no further.

Seizing the unique opportunity provided by the SFX Weekender this year, we collected an array of interviews from authors at various stages of their careers for your aural delectation.  We probe into achieving a publishable standard through proof-readers and tinkering, the benefits (and not) of Agents, and dealing with rejection; gleaning insights along the way on their writing and editorial processes and the mysterious mechanics of the publishing world.

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Huge thanks to the contributing authors for their time and their trust.  If you have enjoyed their work, or if you would like to ask them any follow up questions having heard these interviews, please post messages at the following sites:

Joe Abercrombie –

Scott Andrews –

Jonathan Green –

Peter F Hamilton –

James Lovegrove –

Andy Remic –

Adrian Tchaikovsky –

Authors by and large get very little direct feedback from their readers, so make their day and show them your love (and if you’ve enjoyed this episode of Scrolls, for goodness sake let them know that as well.  It will increase the likelihood of them letting the bald-nutter-with-the-tiny-microphone interview them again in future.)

We will be recording Part 2 in early March, with the Scrolls team discussing topics spinning off from these interviews.  If you have anything occur to you that you’d like us to specifically discuss please contact us in the usual manner tweeting @scrollscast, posting on the forums at or e-mailing us at[email protected]

Keep writing.  And, er, reading.

And listening to us.  Obviously…

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  1. these were a fab set of interviews. Thank you so much!

  2. Anna /

    Thank you for this interview! I never get tired of hearing how established writers got started!

    • You’re more than welcome. Daring to ask them for interviews was one of my more terrifying moments, but they were all absolutely lovely. Thank you for listening and for taking the time to comment.

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