SDCC 2012: Interviews with the Cast & Creators of BBC’s Merlin

Sunday at Comic-Con is usually my favorite day of the entire convention but not because I’m usually ready to sigh in relief that it’s all over (no matter how fun it is). It’s mostly due to the fact that it’s the day the Merlin panel appears on the schedule and is what I now dub “Merlin Day”.

I spent the day  talking with the cast in the press room, running from one end of the convention center to the other with only 10 minutes to spare before the panel started, attending the fan signing and lastly seeing the glee on Colin, Katie and Angel’s faces when they revved the engine of Batman’s Tumbler from The Dark Knight Trilogy.

It was amazingly fun; the blooper reel was funny as always and Bradley James (and his swordplay humor) was missed. From what I could tell, Colin seemed to be recording the trip for his hard-working colleague back home. Other highlights included a fan dressed head-to-toe as Merlin in his favorite servants outfit (feather hat included!) from series 1, then a couple dressed as Arthur and Merlin kissing in front of the panelists, news that a sixth series is a possibility and that “Merlin: The Movie” could be on the way!

Co-creator Johnny Capps talked a bit about the latter two topics saying that discussions are ongoing with the Beeb for series 6 but that the real focus is on the films: “We’re hopefully going to do a trilogy – three movies. We will focus on them when we finish Season 5.”  I could be ok with a trilogy provided they truly delve into stories and themes that they aren’t able to portray on television. Capps also says that another idea is using the films to reboot the whole series. Reboot?. I can hear the sighs at everyone’s favorite word.  “We would go back in time and start the story again and show different parts that you didn’t see in the series. The other idea is to do a continuation, but we haven’t decided yet.”

Additionally, there’s a 3 year jump in time when series 5 debuts later this fall and according to co-creator Julian Murphy, it’s a bit more adult and darker in tone and our heroes (and villains) are taken to very new places and I was glad to hear that Merlin is a much stronger character this year. Watch the full interview below for more:

We then spoke with the Queen of Camelot herself, Angel Coulby, who was at Comic-Con for the first time. Her initial impressions were non-existent as she had only just arrived the morning on the panel! However, she was all smiles when talking about what was next for Guinevere. With 3 years under her belt, Gwen’s now a more assertive woman who can play the political game enabling her to advise her husband on decisions affecting the kingdom. But Gwen’s darker side may be explored as her relationship with Arthur is put to the test; color me intrigued! Angel had lots more to say in the full interview below:

When series lead Colin Morgan sat down with our table, he immediately stated that we’d won the award for most cameras at a roundtable! But getting to the good stuff, he talked about how excited he was to see the enthusiasm for the show grow over the last few years and that Merlin gets the chance to lead the Knights of the Roundtable during an episode. The character has to up his game, even more so than we saw at the end of series 4 to be able to fight against a vision that he sees in the premiere. Watch below to find out if Merlin has even more trouble keeping his secret and what Colin thinks of the upcoming Merlin video game:

Lastly, I was warmly greeted by Katie before we began talking with her about Morgana’s journey this year; her excitement about being in San Diego was palpable! Something I’ve always wanted to see on the show was Morgana’s realization of the atrocities she’s committed against the people who used to love her and Katie felt the same way. She was also excited about getting to interact with the rest of the cast, especially the knights (and who wouldn’t be excited about that?) with a unique set-up for getting Morgana in and out of Camelot without raising the alarm. Any guesses on what it could be?

There’s more Merlin goodness to come in the next few days! I’ll be posting some video highlights from the signing, a gallery of photos from the day and details on the upcoming Merlin Facebook game from Bossa Studios so keep an eye out on the site!

Reporter: Sharlene Mousfar

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