SDCC 2012: Nerd HQ Meets Doctor Who – Panel & Gallery

Cast of Doctor Who & Emcee Zachary Levi One of the highlights of Comic-Con this year was Nerd HQ, the brainchild of Chuck star Zachary Levi and business partner David Coleman. The fantastic off-site event was in its 2nd year in a bigger space with bigger guests for their Conversations for a Cause panel series that benefit Operation Smile.

Additionally, live streamed every panel and is hosting all the videos for each panel! You can see the Doctor Who video as well as read more about what went down with Matt Smith, Arthur Darvill and Karen Gillan over at With An Accent. Just think “Queen”!

Read the rest of this article over at With an Accent, check out our photos from the event and the video of the panel from!

Cast of Doctor Who & Emcee Zachary LeviClick the Photo Above for Full Gallery


Source: With An Accent
Photo Credit: Sharlene Mousfar

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