SDCC 2014: Final Fantasy Meets Batman in Playarts Figure

Tetsuya Nomura is known as the creator of the Final Fantasy series of role playing games,  as well as the Kingdom Hearts action RPG. He has been involved in the direction of several video games, and also the creation of several classic characters in gaming.   So when it was tasked to him to create a variant of Batman that looks as stylish as the characters of his games, Nomura created a batman who should truly be feared.


Nomura's Playarts Batman

I’ll dub this “cool meets nightmare.” I don’t think any criminal wants Batman to drop in on them, let alone this nightmarish creature. Folks who know Nomura’s games can totally see his past design work in this action figure.

Final Fantasy X's Bahamut

Nomura’s Batman was at San Diego Comic Con for all to behold. Also, if you’re wondering: yes, those crazy wings do actually collapse, turning into something of a cape.

Nomura’s Batman is not the only DC superhero in the line. All of the members of the justice League have gotten the Playarts Kai treatment. Take a look at them all here.


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Source: Gamespot

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