‘Tekken 7’ English Voiced Trailer

Tekken, a series that helped usher in the 3D era of fighting games, has returned for a seventh main title. The main thrust of the Tekken series is the blood feud between father Heihachi Mishima and Kazuya Mishima, his son.  Before I show you the trailer for Tekken 7, take a look at a scene from the first Tekken game.

This is Kazuya Mishima’s ending scene. If you beat the game with Heihachi Mishima, Heihach throws Kazuya into an active volcano, then helicopters away. Yes, there is zero love lost between these two. Originally, Heihachi threw his son down into a ravine, to toughen him up. Maybe all of this was allowed to gto on because Kazuya’s mother is believed to have died during childbirth. Is that still the case? Or was it murder? Watch the following trailer for some insight.

This is the first time that Kazumi Mishima has made a proper appearance in a Tekken game. We still do not know if she is alive and hiding in some remote location, and whether or not Heihachi killed her. All we have is a promise that the Mishima family saga will come to an end. Does that mean an end to the Tekken series as well? Even without this family present, there are dozens of characters who have come and gone since the series began. They could very well leave the Mishimas out, and tell the story of Jin Kazama, Kazuya’s son.

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