SDCC: Cosplay Roundup for 2013


So another SDCC has been and gone. There’s been a great variety of cosplay over the past weekend, with people from around the world coming to show off their creations. Instead of finding all the photos from lots different websites, I’ve decided to get all the cosplay pics for this post from Instagram. I thought it’d be cool to get an alternative of ‘fan view’ of the convention floor so let me know what you think!

So, here are some of the best of Instagram’s #SDCC2013. Enjoy!

There was a fair share of steampunk


Several Whovians


A Wookie, Bounty Hunters, Storm Troopers in kilts and all kinds of Darth Vaders!

star wars

We discovered that Ironman likes his music on vinyl and Wally/Waldo has a secret smoking habit…


One of the best Jokers around.


Regular Bane and brilliant Lady Bane!


Heroes of Cosplay star, Chloe Dykstra went all out with her costumes:


And a certain villain made an appearance in full costume…


Cosplay allows fans to get creative with the costumes of their favourite characters. It allows them to show off their talents in different ways and express themselves. It’s wonderful when like-minded people can meet in one place, show their respect for each other’s work and share the thing they love. Cosplay enables people to do that.

The variety of costumes and characters seen at this year’s SDCC was amazing. It’ll be hard to top the cosplay at next year’s convention, but I think that there are enough dedicated fans out there to make it better than ever!

Source: Instagram
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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