SDCC: Superman’s Costume Over 75 Years

sd-man-of-steel-logo-thumbnailIf you’re lucky enough to be going to Comic Con this weekend, make sure you head over to the DC booth. Not only will you find the usual amazing things, but also some of the Superman costumes from the films and Smallville series to celebrate 75 years of the man with the red pants.

Not only is it interesting to see the evolution of Superman over time in terms of the detailing of the suit and how it’s become more robust over the years, but also how materials have developed to allow for the costume to fit in with the development of film as well. As battles have becoming more enduring and tough, the costume has followed. The suit worn by Henry Cavill in the reboot is not only more armour-like and stronger than before, but also much darker in colour than the previous comic book pop colours we’ve seen before.

GS superman

GS superman2

The photos (along with a few other Superman ones) were taken by Steve Weintraub. With over 150 from this year’s convention already, it’ll be worth checking back here at the end of the weekend. It’s a good way of keeping up with goings on at the con through the lens.

This is one of, if not THE most iconic costumes in film of all time, so make sure you go and take a look!

Source: Collider
Reporter: Jess Hawke

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