Season 2 Debut of Voyage Trekkers

After a year and a half’s work Season 2 of Voyage Trekkers finally returns to our computers screens.

The sci-fi comedy web series about the worst crew in the galaxy returns to create havoc, and this time they have really pulled out all the stops.

Creator Nathan Blackwell says;

“There’s a certain expectation people have when it comes to sci-fi on the web, that the production values are a bit cheesy, and with Season 2 of Voyage Trekkers we really wanted to raise the bar on what people are used to” explains Blackwell.  “Our first episode is scored by a fifty-nine piece orchestra, we have a beautiful CGI ship this time around, and we built a twenty-five by twenty-five foot bridge set for the characters.”

Catch the trailer for season 2 here: 

Watch the first episode of season 2 here: 

And if all this is completely new to you, then catch up on Season 1 by going to their YouTube channel page here (also with behind the scenes and special features): 

Reporter: darkphoenix1701

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