Second Annual True Blood UK Convention – UPDATE

A new guest was announced yesterday. Mariana Klaveno who plays Bill’s maker, Lorena Krasiki, will be joining Mechad Brooks, Eggs, at August’s convention.

Mariana Klaveno has appeared in ?? episodes throughout seasons one to three of True Blood as the vampire “Lorena Krasiki”. Lorena first appeared in a flashback during the first series as Bill’s maker. She and Bill travelled together, seducing and killing as they went for years until he could no longer bear it and he forced her to release him. Lorena returned after Eric summoned her to split Bill and Sookie up. Lorena realised she still loved Bill and continued her attempts to sway him back.

Klaveno has appeared in a number of other hit TV series including the 2010 remake of “Hawaii 5-0”, “Alias”, “Standoff”, “In Justice” and “ER”. She has also featured in a number of TV movies include a starring role in the thriller “The Sitter” (2007), and “Final Approach” (2007). Mariana also recently filmed the movie “No God, No Master” set for release soon.

For information about this event, see the original post here, or visit the official Bitten 2 site here.

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