Series 4 of BBC’s Merlin to have 13 Episodes!

Earlier this year, it was announced that there would only be 10 episodes of BBC’s Merlin – mostly due to budget constraints and an unwillingness to degrade the quality of the show. Lately, there’ve been rumors that the hit show was now back to it’s normal 13 episode order and I’m happy to say that it’s been confirmed by the BBC!

While interviewing series co-creator Johnny Capps, our friends over at SFX found out that the BBC has given them an additional 3 episodes – likely due to the huge ratings that Series 3 garnered. Capps said: “We’re 13 again. There was talk there would 10, but there will be 13. We were very lucky with series three – it was hugely successful and we built our audience throughout, so I think the BBC now sees it as one of their most important Autumn dramas, especially for a Saturday night.”

The BBC confirmed so this brings Series 4 in line with the previous 3 series in length, very exciting as I was a bit bummed that this year would be shortened. Even though they’ve got a full series order now, I hope those 3 episodes are not squandered with throwaway stories. Additionally, the show will be airing in the fall, as we confirmed late last year with the Beeb.

Source: SFX
GS Reporter: Sharlene

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