SFX Issue 251 Celebrates with Exclusive Doctor Who Covers

As I’m sure everyone is aware by now, Doctor Who returns to our screens on 23 August 2014 with Peter Capaldi starring in the titular role.

SFX issue 251 is out this very day (23 July 2014) exactly one month before the new series begins and to celebrate, they have not only an exclusive interview with Steven Moffat about Capaldi and the direction the series will take but also five collectable covers, featuring The Time Lord, Clara and everyone’s favourite Victorian group: The Paternoster gang (that’s Lady Vastra, Jenny and Strax for those who didn’t know) who appear in the Twelfth Doctor’s first outing.

Presented below are the covers – click on them for larger versions!

SFX Issue 251 - Capaldi Cover SFX Issue  251 - Clara Cover
SFX 251 - Jenny Cover SFX Issue 251 - Strax Cover
SFX Issue 251 - Vastra Cover

Which will you get or would you collect them all? I’m tempted by The Doctor – but then again … Clara.

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