SFX Regenerates with Doctor Who

Issue 265 of the UK’s premier, Science Fiction magazine hits the news-stands tomorrow and it brings with it a snazzy new look. Our chums over at the magazine have kindly sent us a preview of two of their features.

The issue has a bit of a Doctor Who theme to co-incide with the regeneration of their magazine. Rest assured that like the Doctor, the magazine may look different but it’s heart is the same.

This month’s issue features a “Close Encounters” interview with Jenna Coleman about the new series and how the Doctor and Clara’s relationship is this year:

They’re a team, and she drives the TARDIS with him a lot this series. It’s much more of a partnership. Clara in part thinks she’s a bit of the Doctor, and she really isn’t.

Steven Moffat also talks to the SFX team about the new series, Missy and more. Speaking of the Twelfth Doctor’s apparant brusqueness and rudeness, Steven says that:

Capaldi’s rudeness is the rudeness of a child, who hasn’t really understood that’s not what you say to people.

This sits well with me as I like the Doctor to be a bit alien. Not quite reacting how us humans do and not understanding. The child analogue fits well, I think as in many ways, Capaldi feels like a reverse Matt Smith. Matt was an old man in a young man’s body. Peter is a child in a man’s body!

Check out the issue for much more excellent content and a look at the forthcoming shows as this year’s television season gets ready to launch.

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Source: SFX Magazine
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