SFX WEEKENDER 3 COUNTDOWN: Post Convention Blues

This time we talk about a very real and serious condition. I am of course talking about those post convention blues that kick in a few days after you have come off your high. Here we talk about the effects and what you can do about.

First we should discuss that this is not real medical advice and if you want to get some you should find a Doctor, any Doctor will do, maybe one with a big blue box?

OK so the first thing to look at is the signs and symptoms which can start on the Sunday morning.

After packing your gear and checking out you will start to feel a loss of something that you cannot describe. You see other people wandering around with the same feeling. This really is the start of the post con blues. The best cure for this is a full English at the Pontins cafe. Last year we did this we met Craig Charles and immediately felt better. This year you could run into Sylvester McCoy?

The next signs of post con blues will be when you go to work and expect to see people dressed as Skelator and Banana Man but all you see are your colleagues walking around and knowing that they have no idea of the weekend you just experienced. There are 2 options here, the first is just tell them and hope they understand and the second is to walk around smug in the knowledge that you and you alone knows what it feels like to have boogied down with a Stormtrooper while Dave Lister was the DJ on the decks.

The final signs of Post Cons Blues are where you just look at the flyer for SFX Weekender 4 and realise you have nearly 12 months to wait. You feel despair and wonder how can you possibly wait that long. There are a few answers to this, the first is to hibernate for 11 months and then you will only have 4 weeks to go. The other more practical option is to check out the other cons that are happening through the year. These days there are more than ever, but although they are no way better than the SFX Weekender they are still fun.

So there you have it geeks, when you get the post con blues look at the symptoms and try one of cures.

Remember that Geek Syndicate is not qualified to cure Post Con Blues and if you have serious side effects you must consult a Doctor…. Who will help you. (see what I did there ha ha).

See you in a week geeks….

GS Reporter: Montoya

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  1. Yeah but what about the I can’t make it to the SFX weekender blues?! 🙂

    • geeksyndicate /

      you and you’re family all be sorely missed sir 🙁

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