SFX WEEKENDER 3 COUNTDOWN: Newbie’s Guide to SFX Weekender

Well, with less than a week to go to this year’s SFX Weekender, everyones plans should be well afoot. For me, it’s my first year, and so I’ve been collecting hints and tips from the wise and experienced heads on the GS team and the wider Internet, and this is what I’ve come up with!


– Remember that most accommodation doesn’t come with Towels, so be sure to bring one!

– There is an onsite shop for food and drink but it is expensive, so a trip to your local supermarket before you arrive is well worth it.

– Bring a Coat and a Bag – This is in North Wales in February and there will be a lot of walking around outside in the cold. Having a shoulder bag to stick anything you buy into on the day will save you a lot of trips back to the chalet and plastic carriers generally won’t cut it!

When you are There

– Plan your day. Don’t try and grid everything out exactly, but have a good idea what events or panels you want to go to, and know when and where they are so you’re not rushing around or worse still just missing out from things you really want to see. If things require signing up to (like the quiz) make sure you do so as early as you can.

– Conversely, make time for some downtime. Make you sure you have time to browse the dealer rooms, make sure you have time to hang out with people you meet.

– Speaking of people; get involved and chat to people! Any people – people of stalls, people in queues, people handing out fliers. Everyone is there to have a fun weekend (even the SFX staff if they manage it!) and meet new fellow geeks.

– A lot of people are going to be in costume – maybe even you are too – and don’t be afraid to ask for pictures if they look cool. If you’re in costume yourself remember to be aware of it’s size (make sure those Giant Fairy Wings don’t block the aisles!) and be aware that you’re going to have to wear it all day if it’s looking heavy!

– Don’t be scared of the guests. They’re usually friendly and approachable and if you see them in the pub don’t be scared to say hello. Just remember that they’re here to enjoy themselves too so they may not  want to hear the pitch for your first novel or opinions on where they went wrong with that episode of that TV show that one time.

– Don’t spend all your cash on the first day. If you are anything like me the dealer room is going to be full of things you want but don’t get carried away – there will be time to pick stuff up as the weekend goes on and there may be hidden gems lying around that you could miss out on if you’re spent up on the first day!

I think that’s about it and remember the important thing – have fun!

Please feel free previous attendees to add your own hints and tips for the weekend.

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  1. It’ll be my first one, too – sounds fun 🙂

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