SFX WEEKENDER 3 COUNTDOWN: Guest Announcement!

Hot off the press is some good news and some bad news for the guest line up at the SFX Weekender 3. Alex Kingston has now had to pull out but the guys at SFX have managed hook Anthony Head and THE Colin Baker. Head had to pull out of a previous weekender so this is great news!

Anthony Head and THE Colin Baker confirmed for the SFX Weekender

But work commitments mean Alex Kingston is no longer able to attend

The SFX Weekender 3 is just eight days away, but if you thought you’d heard the last of our guest announcements then think again, because we’re delighted to confirm a further two huge genre stars will be joining in the fun in Prestatyn: Merlin/Buffy’s Anthony Head and the sixth Doctor Colin Baker. Wizard!

This announcement is also slightly bittersweet, because we we’re very sad to have to report that Alex Kingston, aka Doctor Who’s River Song, has been forced to pull out due to shifting production dates changing her commitments on Upstairs, Downstairs. But Anthony Head! And Colin Baker!

Whether you know him as level-headed Giles, hot-headed Uther Pendragon or that smoothie off the coffee commercials, one thing remains the same about Anthony Head – he’s a bonafide SF legend (freeze dried coffee is sort of sci-fi, right?) Never one to aim low, Anthony began his career with a series of acclaimed stage and television performances, but his most famous role was yet to come – loveable librarian Rupert Giles in Joss Whedon’s seminal ’90s series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, a character which he played for seven years (and possibly more if the Ripper spin-off ever happens). The role won him adoration the world over and he hasn’t looked back since – guesting in Doctor Who, Spooks and Little Britain; taking the lead (and proving “Once More With Feeling” wasn’t just a fluke) in cult favourite Repo! The Genetic Opera; and appearing as Camelot’s volatile king in the first four series of Merlin.

Colourful, controversial and utterly unforgettable THE Colin Baker may have started his genre career with a guest appearance in a 1980 episode of Blake’s 7, but he earned his ticket into the sci-fi hall of fame when he stepped into the pin-stripe slacks of the Sixth Doctor. Baker lent the role a refreshing air of humour at a time when the show was becoming increasingly serious, and though his tenure as the Time Lord only stretched to eight stories on the small screen, Baker has gone on to be one of the most popular Doctors for Big Finish, starring in over 60 audio adventures since 1999.

Anthony Head and THE Colin Baker will be appearing at the SFX Weekender 3 – Anthony on Friday 3 February and Colin on Saturday 4 February. They join a whole galaxy of stars at the event, including another Doctor (Sylvester McCoy), companion Ace (Sophie Aldred) and Torchwood’s Gwen Cooper (Eve Myles). We’ll also be welcoming both incarnations of Red Dwarf’s Holly (Norman Lovett and Hattie Hayridge), the one-and-only Brian Blessed, and Craig Charles, who returns to DJ on the Saturday night.

Throw in dozens of top authors, comic book artists, panel discussions, screenings, the Blastermind quiz, 2000 AD’s 35th birthday party, the Imaginarium cabaret show, the Maskerade Ball, a Cosplay Competition and the presentation of the SFX Awards 2012 and you’re looking at the only place any self-respecting science fiction fan would want to be.

The SFX Weekender 3 takes place at Camber Sands holiday camp in East Sussex on Friday 3rd February and Saturday 4th February 2012. VIP tickets are completely sold out but day passes are still available. Make sure you get yours before it’s too late! Book now by calling 08700 11 00 34, or head to www.sfxweekender.com/tickets for more information.


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