SFX Weekender: Newbies Guide Reviewed!

So sadly SFX Weekender has come and gone, and as Geek Syndicate’s Con Virgin I thought I would review my “Newbie Guide” post and comment on I did in line with own advice. So here are some thoughts!

– Remember that most accommodation doesn’t come with Towels, so be sure to bring one!
We also took an extra duvet, as the blankets at the chalet were pretty thin. In fairness, once the blocks warmed up with all the rooms occupied, they were pretty warm. Speaking of warm…

– Bring a Coat and a Bag – Well the bag, definately. But the main venues are all linked and well heated, more so with 3,000 odd people milling around. In the end we went without coats and largely just sprinted across through the rain when we had to.

– Plan your day.
– Conversely, make time for some downtime.
Well, I completely failed to see all the panels I wanted to, largely because I often found other things to do instead, and sitting there listening when I could be drinking and chatting felt like a waste. That said, the panels and Q&As I sat in on were great, so I wish I’d seen more. So I guess this is a good example of me not following my own advice.

– Speaking of people; get involved and chat to people!
This. Totally this. Everyone I spoke to, or ended up sat next to in the pub, or stood next to in a queue, was lovely, friendly and chatty. For a large event it ended up feeling quite intimate in many ways, which was a great credit to it.

– A lot of people are going to be in costume – maybe even you are too – and don’t be afraid to ask for pictures if they look cool.
A lot of people were in costume on Saturday night, and hopefully we’ll get a bit of coverage of it up on the site. So much so that we felt a little left out and are planning on dressing up next year. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy, but it’s very much in the spirit of the event.

– Don’t be scared of the guests.
I was totally scared of the guests. I saw them on the dance floor, in the bar, just wandering around, and was even briefly introduced to one. And I squeaked “hello” and fled in terror.

– Don’t spend all your cash on the first day.
Actually the dealer room was smaller than I expected. Its not to say I didn’t spend a load of money, because I did, but I wasn’t as spoiled for choice and potential for going overbudget as I thought I would be.

And thats it! Already booked for next year, we enjoyed it so much!

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