Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu: New Short-Story Anthology Kickstarter Campaign

This April, the 23rd to be precise,  marks the 400th Anniversary of the death of Shakespeare, undoubtedly one of the greatest and most influential writers of all time. In our little corner of popular culture HP Lovecraft is equally revered, not one of the greatest writers by any stretch but certainly one of the most influential. So what if Shakespeare had written about the Cthulhu mythos? Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu anyone?

A question that Fighting Fantasy alumni, writer and editor Jonathan Green hopes to answer with the aid of some of the best and brightest names in Fantasy, Sci-fi, and Horror. Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign Shakespeare Vs Cthulhu will be a short-story anthology adding a Lovecraftian twist to some of Shakespeare’s plays – for example, imagine if Prospero, the sorcerer from The Tempest, got his power from the Necronomicon and Caliban was a Deep One.

The anthology will contain work from the likes of James Lovegrove, Adrian Tchaikovsky, John Reppion, Pat Kelleher, Jonathan Oliver and more and if they hit their Kickstarter goals will also contain new artwork from the likes of Russ Nicholson, Malcolm Barter and Tony Hough, 2000AD artists Tiernen Trevallion and Kev Crossley, and Black Library’s Horus Heresy celebrated cover artist Neil Roberts.

If you like Cthulhu and/or Shakespeare look them up. The Kickstarter page can be found here.

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