Shane Black to Direct Iron Man 3?

Ever since Jon Favreau decided not to direct The 3rd installment of the smash Marvel franchise the internet has been abuzz with rumours and speculation around who will take on the challenge!

Well today comes word from several sources that Shane Black the director of “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” is Marvels favorite to take over. Shane is pretty new to directing having only the one credit! but if sources are to be believed he will also be writing the movie, and thats where he has some experience. He wrote such movies as “The Last Boy Scout” and all 4 “Lethal Weapon” movies, so he can definitely write action packed scripts and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a pretty funny movie and he directed Robert Downey Jr very well.

Oh and by the way he was also Hawkins in Predator (the guy with glasses who told dirty jokes)

Hopefully Marvel will make a discussion soon.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

GS Reporter: Matt

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