Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz Interactive Screenplays

worldsendposter2The World’s End finally hits US theaters this Friday (I’ve got my trilogy screening tickets!), and to mark this incredibly awesome occasion, Focus Features has released interactive screenplays for trilogy predecessors Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.


Fans of the films are absolutely going to love interacting with these. Each screenplay is enhanced with really cool features, like original storyboards and page notes, behind-the-scenes images and fun facts (or Fuzz Facts, if you will). For some scenes, you can watch b-roll footage or even the finished product itself right there from the page you’re reading.

Through these interactive experiences, Focus has given fans access to some really great information. I’ve been going through them for a few days now and I am still finding little tidbits that I missed on previous readings. If you love these movies, or even if you’re a casual fan who’s interested in how this whole movie-making business works, I highly recommend checking these out. Click on the images below to get the party started:






Be sure to check out The World’s End, the last installment of the trilogy (the mint Cornetto, if you will), when it hits theaters this Friday, August 23rd.


Source: Brigade
Reporter: Mirjana

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