SHOW REVIEW: The Monster Hunters

The films of Hammer come alive in a stage production.

London 1971 in a trendy nightclub the disco beats are drumming out from the speakers. However something is not quite right as young girls seem to be disappearing and the clues seem to point to one thing. That’s right, vampire twins, a mummy’s curse and the ultimate bog monster.

This is a case for The Monster Hunters and one crazy ride. As part of the London Horror Festival a group of entertainers have come together to perform a humorous homage to the films of Hammer.

The stage is set as our two Monster Hunters appear Lorrimer Chesterfield (Peter Davies) and Roy Steel (Matthew Woodcock). Chestfield is the academic who lost his wife in Egypt a year before and has trouble talking to women. Steel on the other hand is the worlds 2nd greatest big game hunter who has no trouble talking to women.

As always they are supported by their mysterious benefactor Sir Maxwell House (Simon Kane) And his beautiful but silent assistant Suki (Laura Marshall).

It is in the nightclub that we meet the object of our investigation, one half of the vampire twins who uses her rather convincing sexual prowess to entice Steel to his doom.

Throughout the show we get flashbacks to previous cases with some crazy and hilarious results. One previous case featured Count Orloff in what has to be one of the bravest costumes on stage.

The cast seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely while playing a number of roles each as were the audience who were having a blast. The small stage kept the story tight and the “action” moving with a big shout out to both the “hand” and also the Bog Monster.

Written by Peter Davies and Matthew Woodcock, every Hammer fan should try to catch this show if it tours again or when the sequel comes out!!!

GS Rating: 4/5

GS Reporter: Montoya

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