Silo Housing: The New Wave In Secret Hideouts!!


Superheroes! Have you been frustrated with meeting with  other superheroes because their bases are so much better then your rice paper walled coldwater flat?

Supervillians! Have you been disappointed with lack of ground space in the back of your two story, three bed, two bath home in the suburbs of your favorite town, thwarting you of a secret lab?

Have any of you wanted a bit more space for your home, making it easier for you to go up, up and away!

I have the most perfect solutions for you. Buy a silo.

Yes. Buy a Silo!

A group of Realtors in Northern New York have gotten together and started to refurbish old missile silos for public use. Not only will you come home to a nice cabin style ranch house, you’ll also get a landing strip next door as well as 100acres of beautiful New York scenery!

The silo is a joy in itself. Not only is the launch center a home in of itself with soundproof walls and high tech surveillance. but it leads you to the nine floor silo itself. All this is protected with a quake shock suspension system and properly maintains a 53 degree temperature all year round. All for a cool 18 mill.

So, move over hollow mountains! We’re going Underground!!

PS: Be sure to look at the photos section to get a full scope of the silo. I mean….WOW!

GS Reporter: Royal

Source: Silo Home

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