Smallville Actor going to Prison

A while ago we reported that Sam Jones III was facing charges of conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone. well just this week he has pleaded guilty and is currently awaiting sentencing. The maximum term is 20years but it is expected that he will get less due to his guilty plea.

Sam Rose to fame as “Pete Ross” on Smallville where he was Clark Kent’s best friend.

From EWOnline

Jones, 27, was busted at his Canoga Park, Calif., home last year for allegedly trying to sling the painkiller otherwise known as “hillbilly heroin.”

Today, he pleaded guilty as a coconspirator in the drug ring, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The feds arrested him after determining he was the “Hollywood connection” involved in the ring’s  illegal purchasing and distributing the drugs.

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