Smart Phones in Films

How much easier could life have been if John Mclane had a Smartphone?

It seems that more and more often, films are essentially taken over by product placement. There are simply too many opportunities, with films that involve high-end technology, to show off impressive products. For example, iPhones tend to dominate just about every other film to hit theatres these days, and the next James Bond installment is rumored to be breaking records for money spent on product placement, much of it likely going to impressive new cars. All of this is interesting to keep an eye on, but it also brings up a fun question with regard to films of the past: what would some older or different films be like if smart phones had been involved? By this point you’ve probably seen just about every phone available from O2 in some film or other – but how would smart phones have changes some other great films?

James Bond – Interestingly enough, the film franchise most renowned for showing off technology would probably have looked drastically different if smart phones had been popular a decade earlier than they were. Bond is always toting the latest gadgets and devices, but if he had had a smart phone in some of the 90’s Bond films, many of those gadgets would have been rendered useless, as all he needed would have been packed into a single pocket-sized smart computer!

Die Hard – Many of the problems in the Die Hard film franchise arise from difficulties in communications, and in the second film there are even issues with a need to solve trivia questions and riddles quickly. Just imagine if Bruce Willis’s character John McClane had had a smart phone in his pocket to facilitate easy contact and quick answers to pressing questions! Things certainly would have been easier for him.

The Departed – Even in a more modern film like The Departed, things would have changed quite a bit if smart phones had been involved. The ability people have to track, contact, and virtually spy on one another through the high level of connectivity offered by smart phones makes espionage in general more difficult, and would have posed a lot of problems for the multiple double-crossers in this film.

These are just a few examples, but it can certainly be a lot of fun to consider your favourite films from the previous decade or two with smart phone involvement. If you really want to think of something absurd you can even consider how films like Star Wars would have changed with smart phones, but that is of course getting a bit outlandish. Either way, increased product placement brings such considerations to mind.

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