Sneak Peak at Black Canary in Arrow

Arrow LogoFans of the DC Comic version of this character have been waiting for an appearance by the character’s long-time love interest Black Canary since the show began. This season, the character arrives – but it may not be who they were expecting … or is it? Click below for a couple of images from the fourth episode which sees the main introduction of the character after a brief appearance at the end of episode one …

Arrow and CanaryCanary and Arrow

If you’re averse to plot spoilers, then for goodness sake, don’t google Caity Lotz (who plays Canary) as the internet is a spoiler filled place!

What I find most interesting about the images is that Canary wears a proper domino mask, where as Oliver insists on taking the time to smear on eye-makeup before hitting the streets of Starling City!

Canary’s look mirrors that of the epynomous hero and last season’s Huntress – consisting of practical elements for hte most part. Though that low-riding bustier job harkens to the comic book. I really like the look, despite being a bloke and genetically disposed to liking fishnets above all else …

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Source: Comic Book Resources
Reporter: WedgeDoc

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