So… Whats Happening With The Thor Monthly?

Earlier Marvel announced that Matt Fraction and  Olivier Coipel with be working on a all new monthly Thor book entitled The Mighty Thor. this opened up the question “Well whats happening with the Current Thor title thats written by Matt Fraction?”, and it’s a good question. With Matt writing Iron man, Fear itself and Thor it doesn’t leave much room for him to write a 4th monthly title!

Well marvel have just announced that Kieron Gillen will take over writing duties on Thor and Doug Braithwaite will handle the art! However, there is a twist. The book will no longer be called Thor! As of issue #622 the book is reverting to it’s original name “Journey into Mystery”

Marvel had this to say:

Following up on their lauded recent run on THOR, writer Kieron Gillen and artist Doug Braithwaite return to the series when it reverts to its original title of JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY with issue #622. In the same month that Matt Fraction and Olivier Coipel launch MIGHTY THOR, Gillen and Braithwaite will steer the Thunderer’s mischievous brother Loki into Marvel’s next major event, Fear Itself.

Head on over to Marvel for a interview with Kieron

Here is a look at the first cover for Journey into Mystery:

JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #622 cover by Stephanie Hans

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Source: Marvel

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