Someone’s Not Returning to Misfits Next Series

To the surprise of many (or maybe just me), a major character in the BAFTA-award winning series Misfits will be leaving the show “in typical Misfits fashion.” And that person is…


I was in shock when I heard that Robert Sheehan, who plays cocky but loveable motor-mouth Nathan, is leaving the show. He stars in the upcoming Killing Bono and Season of the Witch — it’s thought that his departure is due wanting to pursue roles on the silver screen.

Unfortunately, you won’t see his departure on TV — that’s going to happen in a one-off special online episode before the third series premiere and will introduce Rudy, the character that will replace him.

The show’s creator Howard Overman said: “It’s great to be launching the third series of Misfits with an online film which introduces our new character Rudy, as well as saying goodbye to Nathan.”

Casting for Rudy’s role is currently taking place, but it’s already been decided that he’ll be a new super-charged character who will join the rest of the ASBO crew at the community center.

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  1. It’s definitely a downer, not only because he’s an important member of the show, but also because his departure is not organic.

    I knew Robert Sheehan would blow up, but I didn’t think it would affect Misfits.

    • Sharlene M /

      Yeah – I wonder how they’re going to pull it off. The character (and the actor) brought a different fun vibe that’ll be hard to replicate without the right casting.

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