Sony Have Announced That PS2 Games Will Launch On The PS4 This Weekend

Sony have announced that PS2 Games will be available on PS4 from 5th December. PlayStation 4 owners will be able to purchase and play PS2 games on thier PS4 via PlayStation Store in the Americas and Europe.

The games will all come with trophy support and are up-rendered 1080p with the features you expect from a PS4 game including Remote Play, Live Broadcast, Share Play, Activity Feeds, and Second Screen support for game manuals with PlayStation Vita or PlayStation App.

Initially eight fan favorites are available as follows with more being added in the coming months and throughout 2016.

Dark Cloud — $14.99
Grand Theft Auto III — $14.99
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City — $14.99
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — $14.99
Rogue Galaxy — $14.99
The Mark of Kri — $14.99
Twisted Metal: Black — $9.99
War of the Monsters — $9.99

Existing PS2 discs or PS3 purchase PS2 games will not be supported and only official games released games can be played on the PS4 under the new service.


Source: PlayStation Blog

Source: GS Blogger

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