Sound Off! What Do You Think About DC Comics’ Big Move?

NOTE: This doesn’t spoil Flashpoint, but it involves the effect it has on the DC Comics universe.

So, umm, anything new happening involving DC Comics?

DC Comics/Entertainment is rebooting a few titles. OK, A few dozen. Oh, my bad, THE WHOLE LINE. They’re also jumping into the digital deep end by doing day + date digital downloads of their titles.

Welcome to the beginning.

So what do you think? Best decision in comics history, or worst idea ever thought by humanity?

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  1. Gio Spinella /

    It’s 1986 all over again. Man of Steel, Batman Year One, etc etc

  2. Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! Forty years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes… The dead rising from the grave! Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

    I’m experiencing geek rage at the moment, so I’ll probably change my mind when I’ve calmed down, but I can’t get excited. It seems like it’s a halfway house, where the Justice League is reset to when Johns, Lee and Didio were kids, and where the claims of increased diversity are undercut by art that depicts one woman and one black person alongside six white guys. I hate the idea that they’ll renumber Action and Detective, and some of the rumours that are coming out are actively turning me off. If this goes wrong, the industry could be in real trouble, and that’s gonna have a major impact of retaillers once the initial hype wears off. Have a sneaking suspicion that a lot of my favourite second stringers will disappear.

    On the postive side, the same-day digital thing is huge and shows they’re willing to embrace changes in publishing. I also heard that Grant Morrison may be writing a Superman book, which is always good news (Grant genuinely seems to care about the character, and some of that passion is exactly what’s needed).

    Sorry, this became a rant!

  3. Christophe Montoya /

    Well Marvel seem to do it every few years. I suppose it could be a good thing for people jumping on but overall why bother, what does it help?

    • All it helps is DC’s bottom line, but I think the rationale is that they want a jumping on point that appeals to more people than just the converted amongst us. They want to breath some new life into their readership.

  4. I am embracing this

    Marvel did it last year with the heroic age and from the sound of the new titles it is going to be amazing. I cannot wait for a deadman title. The Flash title looks fantastic as does the new Justice League. I honestly think that it will be fine as long as Flashpoint makes sense. Flashpoint has been immense so far and therefore i trust it will all work out. As Saint Walker says All will be well.

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