Source Code AGAIN?

So what is next for the Source Code idea? The small screen.

Well the news is that the studios want to make a TV show based on the movie. First thing to note is that Duncan Jones the director of Source Code is not involved which is a shame but also a good thing because I want to keep seeing Jones concentrate on his movies.

The nice thing was the direct homages to the previous time travelling show in the US, Quantum Leap. There was the mirror scene and also Scott Bakula as his father. I love this but will Source Code work as a show?

Mark Gordon produced the movie and is also involved in the show. His past credit for shows have been Criminal Minds, Greys Anatomy and Reaper. Not sure if all this is a good thing but if the go with the dramatic route then it could work.

SPOILER ALERT: The big question is whether the agent/s will be in the same state as the agent in the film or not. Sorry do not want to spoil it for people.

Let’s wait and see how it turns out.

SOURCE: Den of the Geek

GS Reporter: Montoya

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