Starz Honors Kirk Douglas & Spartacus – Red Carpet Photos and Videos

On May 31st, the past and present came together in honor of Kirk Douglas at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Goldenson Theater in Los Angeles.

Mr. Douglas first brought Spartacus to the big screen in 1960. Steven DeKnight is the creator and producer of Starz Network’s hit show Spartacus, and Liam McIntyre is currently filming his second season in the title role. View photos and watch videos from the event after the jump:

In front of a standing room only crowd, Mr. DeKnight and Mr. McIntyre helped pay tribute to the legendary actor, who was instrumental in bringing the story of Spartacus to the masses for the first time. The event was also a celebration of Mr. Douglas’s 10th book, entitled “I Am Spartacus! Making a Film, Breaking the Blacklist.”

The enormity of the event wasn’t lost on either Starz guest.  Mr. DeKnight spoke about his childhood love for Mr. Douglas and his movies, while Mr. McIntyre stated that meeting Mr. Douglas was one of his life’s greatest honors. He shouldn’t get too comfortable as Spartacus just yet, though; Mr. Douglas isn’t ready to completely pass the torch. At 95 years old, he joked that he’d only pass on the title of Spartacus when he got old.

Liam didn’t seem too upset about it. He presented Mr. Douglas with a special prop sword from the TV series. The sword was engraved with the inscription: “For Kirk, the original hero. Stand together or fall divided.”

Kirk Douglas 

Kirk Douglas talks about passing the Spartacus mantle to Liam McIntyre:

Liam McIntyre discusses what the event means to him and talks a bit about Season 2 of Spartacus:

Steven DeKnight talks about the impact Kirk Douglas has had:

Mr. Douglas’s book will be available in June and the second season of Spartacus is set to premiere on Starz in January.

Source: Starz & Jeff Kravitz
Reporter: Mirjana

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