Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions Console Comparison

Where possible with true cross-platform games, I’m one of those people who likes to give the Wii the benefit of the doubt. The control system sometimes benefits a game. While graphically inferior, I found Spider-Man 3 to be more fun on the Wii – the controls were better and it had some nice gang mechanics that were absent on the 360. The Force Unleashed was definitely more fun on the Wii.

This comparison video shows the two versions side-by-side and actually proves what I’ve been saying for a while. Do a game in that cell-shaded, cartoon style and the Wii performs admirably. Admittedly there are lighting effects missing that are noticable on the Black Suit and the Spider-Man 2099 section, but I think the Wii version stands up.

What this also shows is that the gameplay and story seem to be the same on both versions. Thumbs up all around from me on this one.

Source: GoNintendo
GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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