Spooks: Code 9 Review

What’s It About?

London, 2012 – Terrorists explode a Nuclear bomb in London. The capital was evacuated and the nation’s infrastructure re-created to fit a new world. In 2013, with Britain settling down to near-normality, MI-5 has been re-structured. Field Office 19 is the focus for the series its members are young, rookie officers recruited in the wake of the 2012 attack.

Review It

First I want to get two things off my chest:

1) Other than being produced by Kudos and being about MI-5, I can see no reason to tie this series in with Spooks.
2) Yes, I am particularly fond of a certain Ms. Moffett, even with shorter red hair. However, I shall endeavour not to let this bias my review.

I shall keep this spoiler free for those who haven’t seen any of it. Now on with the review proper!

As I write this, episode five has aired and only episode six remains. This is a dissapointment to me as I have really enjoyed the series thus far. Set slightly in the future, the show has a nice “what if” edge to it and Britain seems familiar and yet different at the same time. As with most modern series, there has been an arc which joins the episodes together and I think this works better here than in the likes of Bonekickers.

The premise of the show is neat (though my hopes for continued Spooks proper look bleak as there is a definite end point now logged) and while initially I was reluctant at the concept of “MI: Juniors” the characters fit into their roles rather neatly within the team. Younger agents find it easier to infiltrate terrorist groups with younger initiates.

I must say that I find some of the acting to be a bit lacklustre, but in certain cases I’m not sure if it’s really bad acting (and ultimately bad direction) or simply that the characters are meant to be pretty indifferent. That said, Heshima Thompson (ex criminal Jez) and Georgia Moffett (ex psychology student Kylie) really do shine. Episode 3 in particular was strong as these two were at the forefront of the action.

Behind the camera, I must say the writing and direction has been excellent overall and the production values are certainly adequate for the show. The police cars have been given a make-over (and look quite swish with new markings) and the post-bomb Britain is a believable environment with new security measures, camps for refugees and a thriving black market all in evidence.

To sum up – see the show. While not quite Spooks, it certainly makes for entertaining viewing and I shall definitely be getting the DVDs when released.

Rate It: 4 / 5. Some seemingly dodgy acting from two or three of the main characters lowers the score slightly.

Dry Slaps: 1 very hard one. No need to make this part of the Spooks chronology. Damn you.


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