Spot Spider-Man in London and Win a Trip to NYC

 Spider-Man has left New York City and is swinging his way around London. To celebrate the release of The Amazing Spider-Man videogame, Activision and GAME have teamed up to give some savvy Londoners the chance to win a trip to New York, home of the sensational wall-crawler, as well as other prizes, including free copies of The Amazing Spider-Man game.

The catch? You have to find Spider-Man first. On Saturday 30th June, your friendly red-and-blue garbed Spider-Man will be taking up secret positions dotted around London and in order to be in for a chance to win you will need to track him down.

So keep your eyes peeled and make sure to glance at and @Acti_insider on twitter where you will be able to find clues as to the webbed wonder’s movements during the day on Saturday 30th June. You can also use hashtag #findingspidey or look at where news on the web-slinger’s whereabouts will be posted.

Some perceptive Londoner’s may have spotted Spider-Man around several busy tourist sites like Big Ben and St. Pauls during Friday 29th June, in preparation for tomorrow’s spider-hunt. He also dropped by GAME on Oxford Street.

So what are you waiting for True Believer? Get off your butt and down to town cos there’s a Spider-Man about!

GS Reporter: Dean

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