With This Means War just about to come out and Star Trek 2 filming Chris Pine is one very busy man so we thought we would take a look at this rising star.

The son of an actor, Pine has slowly been making his way up the A list ladder with a varied selection of roles across TV and films. He has appeared in some great TV shows including ER, Six Feet Under, CSI: Miami before heading into the films.

I first caught him in the rom-com Just My Luck with Lindsay Lohan which displayed his comedic talent while also showcasing his emotional side however this seemed the perfect vehicle for the studios to notice him. The 2006 film was fun but not a huge commercial success. Next up was another rom-com but with a twist. Blind Dating featured Pine as a blind man looking for love. While this yet again demonstrated Pine as a leading man with charm and charisma to please both the ladies and the guys for being cool.

Smokin Aces

Then came a film that would change everything, Smokin Aces directed by Joe Carnahan. This slick action thriller was a full on balls to the wall intelligent fun and crazy movie. Chris Pine played one-third of the completely insane and visually crazy looking Tremor Brothers. Here Pine brought forth a character that was just evil but fun as well and a true joy to watch. So here was proof that he could play other roles and kick some ass. The film was a commercial and critical success.

Another film that came along was Bottle Shock about the birth of the wine industry in California in the mid 70’s. Pine was a part of the ensemble cast but played the role with charm and dedication and was the complete opposite of his previous part in Smokin Aces. This was enough for Hollywood top realise that they had a star in the making here.

Star Trek

Recasting James T Kirk — impossible I hear you cry and in fact I was one of those shouting it as well. Fortunately I had to eat my words because in 2009 Pine was cast as the Captain of the Starship Enterprise in JJ Abrams reboot. He was a revelation in portraying a character that was over 30 years old and been played by the same man that whole time. Yet somehow he brought his own take to the role and it work better than anyone thought. Star Trek was an ensemble piece but at its core was the relationship between Kirk and Spock played by Zachary Quinto. His performance was amazing and me being a lifelong Star Trek fan was totally sold.

After a few smaller movies Pine was back in Tony Scott’s Unstoppable about a true story of a runaway train. Here Pine played opposite Denzel Washington and held his own in the dram stakes. This was proof enough that Pine was a bankable star now.

Bringing us right up to date is his latest film This Means War which we reviewed here. The film is great fun with some laugh out loud scenes and brings Pine back into comedy territory but combining it with the action brought with playing a spy. Then we have Star Trek 2 to look forward to coming next year but filming now.

So for us Pine has been a secret star building up to his performance as Captain James T Kirk and now other great roles. So let’s give a round of applause for Chris Pine.

GS Reporter: Montoya

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