Square Enix Opening Eidos Back-Catalogue

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Square Enix has partnered with crowd funding site Indiegogo to launch its ‘Collective Initiative’. This will allow developers to submit ideas to the publisher, the user community will then have 28 days to vote on them, and the most popular ones will gain support from Square Enix as they launch their Indiegogo campaigns.

To me this does not sound like there is much risk in it at all to Square Enix, especially financially as all funding appears to be coming from Indiegogo and in turn presumably most/all profit from any sales will go back to Square Enix – so I can understand why they are doing this. At present the actual specifics of how this deal will work have yet to be revealed.

However the idea is an interesting one, a clear benefit is that the publisher is going to allow developers to access some of it’s Eidos back-catalogue, as well as lending it’s expertise to help the winning teams layout a business plan, decide how much funding is needed, and aid in promoting the project. Who knows, there may be a hidden gem or two in the back-catalogue waiting to come out.

Square Enix said in it’s announcement:


“If the community backs your ideas we’ll work with you on a due diligence process to give the community reassurance that you have the expertise and tools you need to create the game you’re planning to. Plus we’ll use our experience of bringing games to market to help you work out how much you’ll need to raise to make it a reality. If that idea receives enough support, we’ll check it out. If the team is good to go, we’ll open it up for crowd funding via our partnership with Indiegogo – which is your chance to get in early and help to get the game you want to play into development.”


Full details including submission guidelines, will be revealed at the upcoming GDC in LA on 5-7th November.

Source: Eurogamer
Reporter: JMS1701

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