Stan Lee Awards – Results

Yesterday at Kapow! Comic Con was the first annual Stan Lee Awards. With nominations selected by the likes of Seth Rogen and Damon Lindelof and voted for by comic book fans. The event was hosted by comedian Billy Kirkwood

Below are the winners (and there are no real surprises):

Best Writer –  Grant Morrison

Best Artist – John Romita Jr

Best Series – The Walking Dead

Best Superhero or Sci-Fi Movie – Inception

Best Trade – Blackest Night

Best Limited Series or Story Arc – Batman & Robin: Batman & Robin Must Die

Best Comic Hero- Batman

Best Newcomer- Jonathan Ross

Best Publisher – Marvel

Best TV Show – The Walking Dead

Best Game or Toy – Red Dead Redemption

Man or Woman of the Year – Stan Lee

I think it’s strange that DC came out on top with Best Writer, Best Series, best Trade and Best Comic Book Hero but Marvel won best Publisher. however us comic book loving fans are a strange breed of people that laugh in the face of logic!

Source: KAPOW!

GS Reporter: Matt

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