Stan Lee Excelsior Award 2012 Results

My school, like pretty much every comprehensive school in the country, has a problem.  The students won’t read, not can’t, won’t.  You ask most of them to read anything and they flatly refuse.  Luckily Stan “The Man” Lee has given his blessing for his name to be used in an award which actually encourages students to read; The Stan Lee Excelsior Award.

For the past two years eight graphic novels are chosen for the short list which schools and libraries all over the country buy-in and encourage students to read and rate.  However this scheme has a secondary target, to raise the profile of graphic novels and manga amongst school librarians and teachers.
This award for graphic novels is fully endorsed by The Stan Lee Foundation and the School Library Association. Seventy seven UK schools took part this year and, of the eight shortlisted graphic novels, hundreds of students (in the 11-16 age bracket) chose the following titles as their winners:
  • 1st Place – STAR WARS: BLOOD TIES by Tom Taylor and Chris Scalf (Dark Horse)2nd Place – CHIMICHANGA by Eric Powell (Dark Horse)
  • 3rd Place – GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis (DC)

There were also two further awards up for grabs:

  • Winner of the JABBICA (Judge A Book By Its Cover Award, voted for by school librarians) – SITA: DAUGHTER OF THE EARTH by Saraswati Nagpal and Manikandan (Campfire)
  • Winner of the TRUE BELIEVERS AWARD (for the school that returned the most Rating Forms) – CHILWELL SCHOOL, NOTTINGHAM


I am thrilled that schools, libraries and the industry are starting to see the benefits that comics and graphic novels can have in encouraging students to read. Now I just need to keep an eye out so next year I can get my school involved.
Reporter: Amy

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