‘Star Marine: Infinite Ammo’ Weapons Arsenal Revealed

Well, there had to be something to shoot all that Infinite Ammo at!. There are seven lovely weapons to choose from  and they all sound kick-ass!

There’s sure to be a weapon to fit everyone’s play style: whether you like to stand back and watch things explode or run in with all guns blazing; GlitchSoft have you covered.

Weapons are unlocked with the in-game currency ‘gems’ and every weapon has a set of upgradable features: fire rate, damage, range and other special abilities.

All the weapons are featured below:

  • Assault Rifle: Arc’s Ol’ Faithful! The Assault rifle is standard issue rapid-fire fully automatic that releases a fury of high velocity rounds. The rifle does not sustain damage, and it boasts an unlimited supply of ammunition. Like a trusted friend, it is always there to back you up!
  • The Reaper: Aka ‘Johnny Quick Death’ is a plasma propelled rocket launcher with optional upgradable seeking ammunitions. Once upgraded, the reaper can be used to deploy multiple simultaneous rockets for maximum devastation. Pull the trigger and forget about it!
  • The Decimator HD: HD is for Heavy Damage. The decimator is a very tactile, high explosive grenade launcher that can be of real service when you’re in a tight spot, under enemy fire, or up against heavily armored enemies. Short ranged, but extremely powerful, the Decimator delivers the highest amount of impact damage within Arc’s weapons arsenal.
  • The Crippler: Apply named for its ability to quickly debilitate an onslaught of enemies, the Crippler is a devastating spread-fire shotgun that packs a real punch. On the move or in a standoff against multiple attackers, the Crippler can dispatch enemies quickly and efficiently.
  • The XF Combustor: An intense heat flamethrower, the XF Combustor boasts considerable stopping power against organic enemies and offers supreme protection from airborne attackers! With upgradable range and incineration power, the XF levels the playing field against the most menacing of adversaries!
  • Storm Cannon: The weapon of the times! The Storm Cannon is an advanced lightning chain-gun capable of simultaneously targeting several enemies with a single pull of the trigger. Complete with an automatic target lock, the Storm Cannon identifies and electrifies all enemies within range of conduction!
  • Ion Torch: Producing a focused blast of charged ION’s, the Ion Torch halts the hardest of enemies and rapidly cuts them down to size. Although the torch is limited in range, it is equally effective on both Organic, Robotic, and Hybrid enemy types

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: Glitchsoft

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