Star Trek Super Fan Arrives in Style at Premiere of Into Darkness

I love Star Trek fans because of their faith, passion and their ingenuity which this fan has shown by building his own Starship that will be entered into the Red Bull Soapbox challenge.

Rob Wixey cycled  to the premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness on his own starship and I have to take my hat off to him because it looks damn cool and he seems to be having a lot of fun. Check out the pictures below.

The avid sci-fi fan spent two months building the craft with a team of three friends for the Red Bull Soapbox race which takes place at Alexandra Palace on Sunday 14 July.

Rob, 29, from Ealing pulled up at the star-studded event in a three metre long by two metre wide soapbox Starship made from fibreglass. He sported a full Spock outfit – including a pair of prosthetic Vulcan ear tips.

The team at Red Bull were so impressed with Rob’s entry that gave him tickets to the Star Trek premiere – he arrived in the ultimate Star Trek style.

Rob Wixey, says, “Only yesterday I entered into a sci-fi short film contest judged by Benedict Cumberbatch and now I will be watching the Star Trek premiere with him – the whole experience is overwhelming. Now I can’t wait for the Red Bull Soapbox event, maybe some of the Star Trek cast will come down and cheer me on!

“People’s reactions to the Starship today have been brilliant – they loved it.

“I have such an admiration for JJ Abrams and it’s great to be part of the premiere – though I do feel slightly overdressed.”
About the Starship:
There is a steel framework welded together as a base for the Starship’s structure. This is welded to half a bike, with inverted handlebars for ease of steering.

The bulk of the shape was built with a mixture of plywood and polystyrene, which was hand sculpted to the desired form. This was then coated in fibreglass and sanded before painting.


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Reporter: Montoya

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