Does Star Wars Need Rescuing?


A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, I began to wonder why Star Wars has never had a spin off TV series.

It strikes me as odd that we have followed numerous Star Trek crews on their journeys around the universe both on television and on the big screen but Star Wars remains distinctly unexplored.

There is an element of risk when moving between formats. Star Trek was made known the masses via television and then projected to the silver screen later on. Its success as a television show led to its cinematic box office hits. As we have seen in both the Star Wars and Star Trek franchises, when they get it wrong they remain unforgiven for a long time. In the television series Enterprise, they got it wrong and sounded the death knell for Star Trek as a TV series in the current time and while Star Trek has made some faux pas in its movie guise, it has come along at just the right time as all things Geek become main stream. Its mix of science and action have got it just right and Star Trek is very much back in the public consciousness and Star Trek fans themselves are now, finally, cool.

As the newest Star Wars movies were met with a rather beige reception a television series may bring back a few younger fans who won’t have known the magic of the original films that were very much a cultural phenomenon of their time. Thanks to the new films, Star Wars has become a cultural reference now to something over stretched and uninteresting in the way of the ‘Hobbit’ films. ‘The Big Bang Theory’ characters disseminate their disdain of the newest films to millions of viewers as just one example. Now that Disney has taken on the franchise to much excited anticipation, one can already expect that it will again become the hit it should be and so it may be the time now to bring the story to the small screen and bring in more fans than ever before to this much loved universe.

This would make excellent TV fodder with the struggles to survive on Tatooine or Leia growing up and learning the way of her people, perhaps not quite fitting in. What happens to the people left on Tatooine when Luke leaves for example? Could we follow Leia and Luke growing up? It seems the perfect way to reach more of the target audience at a time when science fiction and fantasy television series are at their zenith.

There is so much left unexplored that could add so much to the already rich Star Wars experience. As a fan I would love these stories to be taken even further, with the advent of the new Star Wars film I sense imagination overload on the horizon.

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