Star Wars Robot Chicken DVD Review

What’s It About?

Robot Chicken is a stop motion animation sketch show which takes figures from popular television and particularly cartoon and comic series and puts them in … alternative situations. This particular release contains the Star Wars special that was produced with the permission of Lucasfilm following a number of small sketches which had appeared in the show over the years.

Note that the production of this episode preceded Family Guy Blue Harvest.

Review It

The Show


The episode opens with a hilarious Hoth scene and proceeds along at a fast pace. Some of the gags (such as Luke at the Toche Station) may well go over the heads of non-hardcore fans, but even these scenes are made to be humourous if you don’t get the in-joke. I know this because my mate laughed at a couple but then I explained why I laughed harder.

While not all the sketches are laugh out loud funny, they are all cleverly put together based on an obvious love of the films and the Universe they are set in. I honestly find it difficult to find flaw and I’m not a big Robot Chicken fan.

The Extras

I am an unashamed DVD Extra Whore. I love them. From commentaries to how-it-was done. I can also be easily disapointed. So how do the extras on the disc fare?

For a start, the 22 minute special is accompanied by 2.5 hours of extras. That’s not bad, but – take into account that an hour of this is taken by three bonus episodes and the fact that the commentary is taken into account.

The main components of the extras are a Behind the Scenes compilation and an Animation meeting. The former is (for me) a bit sparse on actual “how we did it” stuff, but it does give an indication of the effort involved from all sides of the production. The Animation meeting consists of Seth Green talking through his thoughts for several of the sketches. And when I say talking, I mean enthusiastically acting out what the characters should be doing. This makes for an amusing interlude. Deleted scenes are included, but these consist of animatic story board and voice overs only, which may dissapoint some.

Rate It:

Main – 4.5/5. Could be longer, otherwise superb.
Extras – 3/5 The Animation meeting brings this over the half way mark, but otherwise these are pretty standard fare.

Dry Slaps: 0. I can forgive the flaws frankly. £11 well spent.

Reviewer: WedgeDoc

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