Star Wars: The Old Republic Not Launching Until April 2011 at The Earliest!

At the Credit Suisse 2010 Technology Conferenc, EA CFO Eric Brown Told the some news outlets that BioWare’s lonng awaited Star Wars MMO will be arriving sometime during EA’s fiscal year 2012, which is April 2011 till April 2012. You can put money on it coming out next summer! I don’t think they are going to leave it until 2012.

Now why is it taking this long? According to a source or two I have who have seen or even had the chance to play a early version of the game it is a loooong way from finished and is not very special! Now that is their opinion and they have seen a Beta or even Alpha version of the game which is not a accurate illustration of the finished game so it should be considered as such.

My personal thoughts about this extended period of development are that Bioware has realised that what they created isn’t the best product possible and want extra time to fix what they see as wrong with it. and after the fan response to the on-rails space combat who can blame them if they wanted to replace that with a twitch based system like the one Star Wars Galaxies had.

Please Bioware, Don’t screw this up! you have the chance to go down in geek history as the company that made the best games ever!

Source: Gamesutra

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