Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Lost Suns #1 – Review

The biggest Star Wars event of 2011–LucasArts and BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic online game–gets a fresh, new story set concurrent with the game, written by one of its senior writers!

The Lost Suns stands alone as an accessible Star Wars adventure, introducing a new hero with a new mission! It also intertwines with the narrative of the game, revealing secrets players will find nowhere else! Theron Shan–descendant of the legendary bloodline that includes Jedi Bastila Shan and Satele Shan–is no Jedi he’s a Republic spy! His mission: to discover the blackest secret at the heart of the evil Sith Empire!

* The first issue in a brand-new story!
* Written by Alexander Freed, a senior writer of the game!
* Readers who are familiar with The Old Republic game will be able to make connections directly from the game to this comic story line!

Writer: Alexander Freed

Penciller: George Freeman, Dave Ross

Inker: Mark McKenna

Colorist: Michael Atiyeh

Cover Artist: Benjamin Carré


As someone who is planning on playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, the MMO from Bioware, this comic series from Dark Horse had my attention from the moment I saw it announced.

Set alongside the time line of the game this is the first story told in the Star Wars Expanded Universe that will give players of the game a insight into the events unfolding in front of them as they explore the world of The Old Republic. The Universe is split in two, The Forces of the Republic and the Jedi order on one side! And The Empire and Sith on the other side. Since the Treaty of Coruscant was signed an uneasy peace has existed. However the Republic Strategic information services (The Republic MI6 or CIA) is trying to gather as much information as it can before the War inevitably erupts once again. We follow Theron Shan, a republic spy, as he is sent on a mission to the Republic/Empire border to find a Jedi who was lost behind enemy lines and recover any the information he has.

This issue is mostly setup but since it’s a first issue it has to be. We are introduced to the main character as he takes out some criminals who have been selling slaves. After capturing one of the Slaves he is sent on his mission by the head of the intelligence service and he takes his captive along with him.

As i said it’s a lot of set up but the writer does get some good action in there as well. The characters are all interesting and i want to learn more about them. It is reviled that Theron is the child of Master Shan, a powerful Jedi, so I’m sure his heritage as a Jedi will come into play in future issues.

The art by George Freeman and Dave Ross is nice and clean and the action scenes are well choreographed and full of movement. The pencils and Colour are similar to the “Star Wars Style” that Dark Horse has developed over the past decade so it’s easy for new comic readers to jump right in and not get lost.


Steady story and nice art make this issue a decent read. However if you are not going to play the game or you are not like me and have to read star wars stories no matter what you might want to skip the single issues and wait for the trade.

I’m giving Star Wars: The Old Republic – The Lost Suns #1 3 out of 5, a good read but there might not be enough there for people not planning on playing the game.


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