Starburst Magazine Joins Forces with Sci-Fi Weekender

Ah I love the smell of fresh convention news and this latest news from the upcoming Sci-Fi Weekender (formally the SFX weekender) is as fresh as it gets.

The latest news from the camp of the rebooted Sci-Fi Weekender (1-3 March) is that Chic Festivals, the team behind the event , has announced that it has joined forces with the popular and long running Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy  magazine Starburst, who will be helping out with the Saturday night activities. The events on the Saturday will continue to be hosted by Robert Rankin.

I’ve always felt that the weekender has been unique in that it feels like a kind of geek festival and this is a feeling that Des Skinn the man behind Starburst shares.

“This really is a unique event. I’ve been to many conventions around the world over the last few decades but never one offering so much fun! The entertainment side really is spectacular, the guests are always charming and accessible, and the beer’s not overpriced! I’m sure I speak for everybody on the team when I say that Starburst is honoured to be involved.” – Dez Skinn

It’s still up in the air as to what the show will be like without the guys and girls from the SFX magazine driving but so far all signs are positive that we will be getting another great event.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: Sci-Fi Weekender

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