Stargate SG-1: Children of the Gods of DVD Now

Children of the God Box Art

Since the Stargate the series  finished I have really been keeping up with the news on the show. I’ve watched all the Straight to DVD films and that was about it so I had now idea Children of the Gods was coming out.

According to the blurb this feature length pilot episode has been re-mastered and re-cut by series Executive Producer Brad Wright.

I remember enjoying this pilot episode, especially the chemistry between Richard Dean Anderson  as Jack O’Neil and Michael Shanks as Daniel Jackson. I was a fan of the original film so I was a bit unsure about trying to spin it out as a series but I thought from the first episode this was a cool show.

Over the years there were ups and downs with the show but overall I  enjoyed watching it.

Here are a few clips from some of the extras on the DVD.

Making the Pyramid:

Creating the Puddles

Entering the Stargate:

Some of the other features include  a commentary from Co-Writer and Executive Producer Brad Wright and Richard Dean Anderson and a “Back to the Beginning” featurette

Also check out for some additional special feature videos.

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