Steam hits 75 million active users
17/01/2014 Gaming News

Vales has announced that its digital gaming platform has hit 75 million active users a 15 per cent rise from there last reported figures of 65 million in October 2013. In active users Vales describes them as users that are still currently buying and playing games on Steam.

Vales also revealed the breakdown of global sales by region for 2013. 41 per cent of sales revenue came from North America, while 40 per cent came from Western Europe. Sales is Asia a big global market that includes  China, South Korea and Japan were only 3 per cent and shows huge scope for growth in that region.

Steam breakdown Jan 14

At this years CES event 13 Steam Machines were unveiled, a project that Valve aims to intoducted more consoles like PC gaming to living rooms using its dedicated its Steam OS software

Source: Eurogamer

Reporter: Soulfinger

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