Steampunk at the Seaside 2013

For those in the know this month sees “first ever Steampunk Holiday Camp” and for those who have always wondered what Steampunk is all about this is the perfect time to jump on board.

The event is on March 22nd-25th and is located at the Park Resorts in Camber Sands. To find out more about what to expect we spoke to one of the organizers from the Victorian Steampunk Society who goes by the title of Tinker.  From his answers this really sounds like a serious amount of fun.

Geek Syndicate: Can you tell us about what to expect from Steampunk at the seaside?

Tinker: Steampunk at the Seaside is primarily an opportunity for lots of steampunks to enjoy a social get together and the facilities of a holiday camp together with lots of steampunk interest.  In the day there is a programme of talks and presentations and workshops and at night live entertainment from the likes of Robert Rankin, The Cogkneys, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, Gladstone and  Kit Cox.  Two steampunk sports will be well represented – Tea Duelling (see and in the pool Volley Boater.  On Sunday Nerf guns will be brandished by the brave or foolhardy with a park wide game of Steampunks & Zombies.  It’s about relaxing with friends and making new ones.

GS: Is this for just established Steampunk fans or can newbies attend and what advice would you give them?

T: Steampunk is never just for established fans. The community thrives on new imaginations and input and with our only rule of “be nice to each other” we hope newcomers will find it ideal as a residential event to get more immersed in the scene.  The fact it is smaller than The Asylum should also make it less daunting to the newcomer too.

GS: How long have you been involved in Steampunk and what attracted you to it in the first place?

T: I’ve been actively involved in steampunk for about six years.  I am a props maker and art director for TV professionally and specialise in historical programmes.  My partner (Lady Elsie) is a costume designer. We were both looking for something where we could let our imaginations run riot a little rather than having to stick to things being historically accurate etc.  We both discovered steampunk at the same time and it just offered us opportunity to turn our professional skills to new creative outlets.   What has made it special though is the way steampunks share their imagination and creativity.  It is definitely a community which is greater than the sum of its parts.

GS: Steampunk seems to be its own little niche in the convention circuit but is the attraction or should it go mainstream more?

T: Steampunk certainly has its own convention circuit although we are regularly asked to bring steampunk to other events from London Expo to the SF Ball.  We are pleased to announce we will be running a steampunk stream as part of the new Geekfest event by Nine Worlds in August.    Steampunk is entering the mainstream in many ways from collections by Prada to IBM announcing it as the “next big social trend”.   What the commercial interests miss though is the sheer pleasure of spending time sharing geeky ideas with friends and fellow enthusiasts.  This can be on the wider circuit and at other events but when we can fill a space with steampunks the creativity simply explodes.

GS: Finally what are you looking most forward to at the event?

T: As ever I always look forward to meeting friends and making new ones.   I am also always excited to see what people have been creating.  Whether it is costume, props, written work or music, regardless if it is for sale, performance or just for themselves, steampunk events can be like Christmas morning with lots of goodies appearing for your delectation.

So this should give you an idea of what it is all about and what to expect at the event. You can buy tickets HERE and below is some info about the whole weekend.

We have arranged with Park resorts to take over their park at Camber sands for a long weekend of steampunk fun. They will be opening the park a week early to accommodate us so everything will be spick and span after the winter refit. Whilst the site is well appointed with some great facilities this is a budget event where we are deliberately trying to recreate a nostalgic holiday camp atmosphere. Don’t book expecting 5* facilities.
The event will run from Friday to Monday with entertainment on all three nights. We are delighted that “The Men TWNBBFN” will be joining us for the weekend and performing on Saturday night ably supported by “Gladstone”. Friday night is the original steampunk musichall show “The Major’s Soiree” hosted by Tinker with The Cogkneys, Andrew O Neil, Sydiean and Count Rostov. Sunday night Lady Raygun and Commodore Rankin will be hosting and presenting the great steampunk quiz.

There are still some accomodation units and wristbands available. Booking is by self catering accommodation unit. Accommodation is available in three classes, Bronze, Silver & Gold and accommodates 4-6 people per unit. Most units also have a sofa bed in the lounge allowing two more people to share with you. There are pitches too for touring caravans and campers if you want to bring your own. (Sorry no tents.) There is a limited number of event wristbands if you are local and don’t need accomodation on site. These are now available on the ticket site. Sorry but there are no one-day passes due to limited numbers (500 participants in total). Charges including accommodation range from £65-£100 per person. (As ever we strive to be as affordable as possible.)

Source: Steampunk at the Seaside
Reporter: Montoya

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